party on the farm!


You just can't go wrong with any of our  party options, and whether the guest(s) of honor is turning 4 or 94, you are celebrating an engagement, wedding, graduation, or just want to get a group together on the farm, we will tailor every event to make it perfect just for you! 


Includes: party run by professional actress, who is also a professional educator AND former event planner. Now THAT's a combo... That means we'll have lots of fun!

This party can be centered around the llamas and a llama interaction, a farm tour, or even our teepee! When you call to book your party we will create the appropriate event for your needs and your guests. 

Rowanwood can provide tables, chairs, picnic area, and use of the teepee if desired

1.5 hours min.

Cost $300 for the first 10 guests, $15 each additional

Have a really large group? Call us for large group rates


llamas in pajamas party

Llamas love birthday parties and so do we!  (They just don't always like getting dressed up for them...) Perfect for the younger party people, our llamas in pajamas party is a great way to introduce your birthday guests to our llamas and the other animals on the farm.


Here we start with a story and special guest appearances .... our llamas in pajamas! We play active games upon arrival while waiting for guests, then take a farm tour and introduce the children to our other farm animals.

Rowanwood can provide tables, chairs, picnic area, etc. if desired  1.5 hours

Cost $300 for the first 10 kids, $15 each additional