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Traditional Stories and Songs from Many Nations

Come to Rowanwood Farm to learn traditional stories and songs from several North American Nations !!!

Learn the sacred songs to call in the four directions for healing and prayer.
From Grandmother Nancy: "I was not born on a reservation and I hold no tribal card, but I have followed the red road since my early childhood. I sought out elders who would teach me. My first two teachers where Lakota, one an author, one a medicine man. I was adopted by my Ojibway sister, also a medicine woman, and then by a Mickmik grandmother. I have permission to pour lodges since 1991. I have served as a facilitator for native woman's circle in federal prison 17 years. I am a Sundancer, a pipe carrier and an elder and grandmother in my communities in Canada. I have instructions to bring out and share certain teachings".

Ages 8 and up

$20 per person. Pre-registration required by calling 203-270-8346