Frequently Asked Llama Questions

Do llamas spit?

NO! Well, not often. This is the most common misconception about llamas. LLamas are obligate nasal Breathers, meaning they can only breathe through their nose. They often sneeze to clear their passageways, which may people think is spitting, because it makes a similar sound. Llamas can  spit when they are extremely agitated, but it is a last resort and is not at all enjoyable for a llama to endure. sometimes it does occur between llamas in a herd as a way to say "hey, you're too close to me and i don't like it!". However, our llamas are very much used to human contact and we can assure you, they will not spit at you, even if you're very close to them.

Can We ride our llamas? can they carry our packs?

No. Another misconception about llamas is that they can withstand the weight of a person, which is just not true, especially in the case of our llamas, who are all miniature breeds. The spine of a llama is not as strong as that of a horse, and it would seriously injure them to ride them. As for packs, our llamas are loved & spoiled, and we do not permit them to carry your packs. therefore, please make sure you only carry what you can easily hike with to ensure your comfort.

Can llamas bite us? are they dangerous?

Llamas have absolutely no upper teeth. Therefore, they cannot bite you and would not try. our llamas are very loving and affectionate and very accustomed to human contact. some have even visited nursing homes! they have awesome and gentle personalities and we are sure you will find they are less intimidating than you might think!